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Integrity Commission

The Integrity Commission Act was assented to on September 24, 1997. The Act provides for the establishment of the Integrity Commission and makes provision for securing the integrity of Persons in Public Life. The Act also provides for the appointment of a chairman and two (2) to four (4) other members to comprise the Commission, a secretary to oversee its daily functions and other officers necessary for its effective administration.

The Commission was established to ensure that Persons in Public Life maintain high standards of integrity in the performance of their public functions. This assists in the improvement of the standards of good governance, transparency and accountability in government.

The Integrity Commission is duty bound to receive and verify the accuracy of declarations of financial affairs from Persons in Public Life. This correlates to the following duties engaged by the Commission:

  1. To investigate complaints of impropriety, corruption and misconduct by public officials;
  2. To prosecute persons who may have breached provisions of the Code of Conduct and those who failed to file their declarations of assets and liabilities.

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